Research Interests

Major research interests of my lab include the effects of contemplative mental training on consciousness, cognition and self-reference, as well as the possible applications to the field of Education. Specifically, I study the effects of contemplative training on creativity, time perception, default mode network and self-related processing. To these ends, I utilize a broad spectrum of tools, including EEG, MEG, fMRI, and various cognitive tasks.
Another major research interest is neuro-phenomenology, utilizing depth phenomenology to guide the neural analysis, in collaboration with proficient contemplative practitioners. Such an approach enables studying highly subtle human experiences, typically overlooked in cognitive science, including: ownership, agency, sense of borders, sense of time and space, and sense of minimal versus narrative self.
Finally, I’m very interested in theoretical conceptualization of consciousness, and have developed a model, named the Consciousness State Space (CSS). The CSS presents a neuro-phenomenological model for consciousness and selfhood which relates time, awareness, and emotion within one framework, thus creates a comprehensive theoretical framework with explanatory and unificatory power. Current research studies its predictions using a whole body sensory deprivation facility.